10 Companies That Are Doing Good While Doing Well


These companies are not only successful but are helping others succeed, too.

Entrepreneur Staff: It’s hard to judge a social mission. Isn’t "doing good" just good enough?


But as companies large and small devote themselves to social missions — either as their core purpose, or by diverting some resources into worthy causes — we wanted to celebrate the ones that are especially thoughtful about tackling real-world problems.

As part of our 100 Brilliant Companies list, check out how these 10 brilliant companies do good while also doing well…

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Change of Tactic?

The generous, wealthy person from Nigeria is at it again. First, he chastises you for falling for all of the scams out there, and explains how they work.

Then, he segues into one of his own. This may make you laugh very hard – but some folks will actually fall for this classic demonstration of sincerity. Please don’t fall for these scams.

A Helping Hand For Young People Interested In Information Technology

Jay Waters: A programme that helps young people get into work in information technology companies is looking for recruits from next month.

The ’Career Ready’ programme offers practical learning to help young people develop the skills they need for a career in IT and is linked to their academic studies or interests.

It has been running since 2014 and involves…

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iPhone 8 Will Be Huge Hit…

iPhone 8 will be a huge hit, as it aims to be the best, not the first.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says it wants to give customers ‘something that really makes a difference in their lives’.

Independent/Bloomberg: ‘We don’t feel an impatience to be first. It’s just not how we’re wired.

Our thing is to be the best and to give the user something that really makes a difference in their lives."

That was Apple chief executive Tim Cook talking in June.

He was talking about…

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Information Technology Security Coordinator

Suffolk County Community College is an open admissions institution committed to serving a diverse student population in a variety of degree and career programs.

Job Description:

This is a Civil Service position under the supervision of the College’s Vice President for Information Technology/CIO.  An employee in this class has overall responsibility for…

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