The Morning Download: JPMorgan Chase Makes Coding Literacy a Requirement

Tom Loftus: Good day, CIOs. If every company is a technology company, is every employee a technologist? JPMorgan Chase & Co. may think so.

This year all analysts joining its asset management division were required to take mandatory training in Python code, the FT reports.

So far, a third of the bank’s analysts and associates have taken a coding program, the FT says.

The language of business is coding.

Mary Callahan Erdoes, head of JPMorgan Asset Management, tells the FT that being competitive in the 21st century means knowing how to code.

"By better understanding coding, our business teams can speak the same language as our technology teams, which ultimately drives better tools and solutions for our clients," she tells the FT.

Banks join fray. As The Wall Street Journal has reported…

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Morning Coffee: Will You Need To Know Coding For Future Banking Jobs? It’s Complicated.

Sarah Butcher: Do you need to know how to code if you want to work in banking?

It’s the new perennial question that we’ve addressed here and here, but J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley have provided a more comprehensive answer: sort of.

You’re clearly going to need to know how to code a bit.

J.P. Morgan has begun teaching its junior asset managers and some of its junior bankers how to write code as part of their basic training – this year, 300 of the bank’s asset management analysts and a third of its corporate and investment bank (CIB) trainees are receiving instruction in the coding way.

“Coding is not for just tech people, it is for anyone who wants to run a competitive company in the 21st century,” says Mary Callahan Erdoes, head of J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Right then.

Except that, if you want a job as a trader or a…

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SAP Sets Ambitious Target For Africa Code Week

Sibahle Malinga: The digital skills initiative has empowered 1.8 million pupils with digital skills, as SAP sets its sights on 600 000 more for 2018.

AP has embarked on an ambitious target to train 600 000 school pupils across 36 African countries in October, as part of the SAP Africa Code Week 2018 initiative.

The fourth edition of the Africa Code Week was launched in Johannesburg on Friday.

Established in 2015, the SAP Africa Code Week is an initiative that brings together hundreds of schools, teachers, governments, businesses and non-profit organisations with the aim to empower young people across Africa with…

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The Non-Code Contributors Guide To Kubernetes Opens The Field To Users Of All Developing Levels

Jane Elizabeth: Want to help contribute to Kubernetes but you’re not a coder?

No problem!

Thanks to the Non-Code Contributor’s Guide, the Kubernetes community explicitly spells out how fans can help out even if they’re still learning all that developing stuff.

Getting a community going takes more than just code.

Sure, code itself is necessary for the project to exist; if the code is bad, the project’s not going to get very far.

But, there’s more to a successful project than just a clever workaround or an elegant syntax.

We’ve documented extensively how important documentation actually is to…

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Russian Programmers Train Elite Students From 18 Countries

More than 100 students from 27 universities in 18 countries participated in the annual coding bootcamp launched in Barcelona by Moscow Workshops ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest).

Students from the Colorado School of Mines (U.S.), the University of British Columbia (Canada), the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), Nanjing University (China), the University of Tokyo (Japan), ITESM MTY (Mexico), Reykjavik University (Iceland) and many other educational institutions and research facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia participated in the Hello Barcelona bootcamp.

The initiative helped young programmers prepare for…

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Software Developers Launch Freelance Co-Operative In Gateshead

Graeme Parton: A group of freelance software developers and other technical creatives in Gateshead have set up a networking group to help them collaborate on projects and share working opportunities.

Known as Code-Operative, the group want to provide value for money using a team of specifically skilled individuals that…

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Microsoft Sponsors Data Science Nigeria’s Deep Learning Nigeria Bootcamp

Partner: Microsoft Africa is the lead sponsor of the third edition of the Data Science Nigeria (DSN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp, which is aimed at building capacity in the use of Deep Learning concepts in addressing analytical gaps in financial inclusion.

The all-expense-paid Bootcamp will focus on the use of modern tools, particularly Microsoft Azure in Deep Learning, for emerging concepts including Convolutional Neural Networks, Recommendations Systems and Natural Language Processing, with a view to applying them in Nigerian-centric, solution-oriented use cases.

The Bootcamp is driven by a broader strategic intent to…

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Facebook Unveils New Initiatives & Expanded Programs For Indian Startups

Facebook is collaborating with co-working spaces in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru to set up community hubs called Innovation Hubs that will seek to foster innovation by hosting mentor hours and trainings for startups.

The social networking giant made this announcement at Facebook India Startup Day, where it reaffirmed…

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Get Going With Coding – For Free! – At These 15 Top Websites

Benjamin Roussey: One of the common questions many people ask is where they can learn coding without spending a dollar?

Dustin Moskovitz, one of the founders of Facebook, learned how to code over a weekend of reading — the book was Perl for Dummies.

It is amazing what you can do when you are motivated.

Here is a list of 15 reliable websites where you can do exactly that…

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