Advertising Conditions and Standards

Please note that our advertisers and sponsors receive only image and text links for the agreed upon period.

The term and status of “advertiser” or “sponsor” does not infer or lead to ownership of any web-based or any other resource held by Codango™,, Codango Labs, or any of our other advertisers or sponsors.

Your sponsorship or advertising agreement lasts for the duration of the agreed-upon term limits as set forth with this schedule subscription, or as set forth in any invoice terms that we send you or your organization, peculiar to your advertising or sponsorship arrangement.

Please be advised that sponsorship, useful link ads, or any other advertisements will be marked as “no-follow” links if we receive adverse actions from Google or other search engines.

We must do this to ensure that our site is not labeled by major search engines (like Google) as a spam-linker, or otherwise promoting irrelevant sites.

We do not allow advertising that relates to:

  • Pornography
  • Criminal content of any kind
  • Extremism / terrorism of any kind
  • Gambling (unless there is an indisputable link or connection between the gambling resource, and the technology topics we actively discuss at Codango™)
  • Unethical or otherwise activity that is not legitimate.

The level in which something relates to either of these areas of concern is at the complete discretion of Codango / Codango Labs. Proceeding with an advertising or sponsorship communication or agreement with Codango Labs confirms that you and your organization understand and agree with the terms outlined on this page.

Codango Labs reserves the right to deny service to any advertiser or sponsor for any reason.

Advertisers and sponsors that pre-pay for the year receive a 10% discount. Contact us to learn more.