The purpose of Codango.Net is to serve as a launching point and directory for the various Codango resources. Many of our resources are redundantly named.

Main Site
codango.net You Are Here! This is the main page and directory for the entire Codango network of sites.
codango.com This is our main site – the original Codango site. This is where it all started!
codango.news This web site is the news feed from Codango. What we’re doing, when, etc.
Country-Peculiar Presence
codango.cn China
codango.co.uk UK
codango.co.za South Africa
codango.com.br Brazil
codango.es Spain
codango.fr France
codango.it Italy
codango.in India
codango.us US
codango.world Entire World
Lines of Business
codango.cloud Yes – we have been in the business for decades, and offer both Linux and Windows Hosting, Consulting, and Management Services
codango.directory This is our directory of businesses in the industry.
codango.store Here, you can buy Codango apparel. We are designing three key products: The developer’s coffee cup, T-Shirts, and Polo-shirts.
codango.biz Main Business Services
codango.design Graphics, Logo, Web Design
codango.expert Ask site / like pay for answers.
codango.guru Freelancer-like site
codango.tech Hardware and Gadgets
codango.social This is our social media platform. A web-based social media site devoted to web, database, and otherwise Internet developers and technology operators.
Humanitarian / Charitable
codango.org The purpose of this site is to serve as a portal for giving. All of the revenue raised by this site/domain will be will be given as a gift, yearly, to some applicant who desires to be a web developer, web programmer, or web designer.
Yours Truly
codango.me A little bit about the owner and editor. How to contact, etc.

* This is one of those generic TLD’s that we went ahead and acquired, to point to this site. ** Our intent was to capture way more country-specific TLDs on a per-country basis, but there are residency and tax requirements for some country-peculiar TLDs. We’re continuously exploring this.